Our Silverwing Ambassadors And The Queen

In today's Winnipeg Free Press (online edition), one of our Silverwing Ambassadors was profiled as he was chosen as the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Aviation Scholarship. T.J. Boast, along with fellow Silverwing Adam McGrath, were also chosen to participate in the time capsule ceremony when Her Majesty arrived at our new air terminal building on the 3rd of July.

The article from the WFP is below, along with some photos of T.J. and Adam we have from the ceremony.

Sturgeon Heights student soaring after meeting the Queen

By: Trevor Suffield

Sturgeon Heights Collegiate student T.J. Boast was flying high after meeting Queen Elizabeth earlier this month during her one-day visit to the city.

The Queen and Prince Phillip were the first official passengers at the soon-to-be completed new terminal at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport on July 3.

Boast, along with Sturgeon Heights alumni Adam McGrath, were chosen to participate in a special ceremony with the Queen.

Both are volunteer Silverwing Ambassadors at the airport and have been involved in their school’s aviation program.
They were chosen for the honour based on volunteer hours at the airport, their grades at school and an essay.

Boast, who will be entering Grade 12 in the fall, says it was an amazing experience that he won’t soon forget.

McGrath and Boast assisted the Queen in placing gifts inside a time capsule and sealing it up. It is to be opened in 50 years.

The Queen’s contribution included a signed a letter to the youth of Manitoba on a commemorative scroll and a miniature rose inside a hand-carved wooden box.

Although his interaction with the Queen was brief, Boast says it was memorable.

"She asked ‘Would you like to take this?’ and I said ‘Yes your Majesty,’" remembers Boast, who admits he was nervous to meet the British monarch.

And even though the Queen’s visit took place after school had finished for the year, Boast said he still had to study for the event.

"We were given sheets and instructions and were told what the etiquette is around the Queen," he says.

Those instructions included referring to the Queen as Her Majesty on first reference and ma’am on all subsequent references.

"And you’re not supposed extend your hand to shake hers. If she wants to, she will do it for you."

While Boast didn’t get to shake the Queen’s hand, he did get closer to her than most Royal watchers.

And the 84-year-old monarch looked great, he says.

"I never would have guessed she was that old, I would have said late 60s. She looked really good," Boast says.

The Westwood resident was also awarded the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Aviation Scholarship, initiated by the Winnipeg Airports Authority in honour of the Queen’s visit.

Boast has already earmarked some of the $1,000 scholarship money for private flight lessons, which he started last week, to help him become a pilot for the Canadian Forces.

"Hopefully I will get into the Royal Military College and from there get a university degree and then apply for the pilot training," he said.

Adam McGrath and T.J. Boast (right) in front of time capsule.

Photo: Tracey Goncalves, Manitoba Government Photographer

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