The Blue Cart At The Airport

As some of you may know, “Follow The Blue Line” at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport helps those who aren’t familiar with the new parking layout, find their way to the main parkade. But, the line isn’t just for drivers. Pedestrians can follow it as well to the terminal building from the main level of the parkade. And, for people who need assistance, our Goldwing Ambassadors will give you a lift – to the Terminal Building or to the parkade – in their Blue Cart.

After you’ve parked your car, head over to the elevators on the main level look for the “Blue Line” sign. If it’s up, it means someone is on duty. A Goldwing Ambassador will be by shortly to pick you up.

If you’re coming from the Terminal Building, cross the street near the Tim Hortons doors and look for the same sign (pictured below) next to the Admin Building. The Blue Cart will be by shortly to give you a lift to the parkade drop-off point on the main level.

Run solely by our Goldwing Ambassadors, the blue cart operates 12 hours a day (7am to 7pm) seven days a week, depending on the availability of the volunteers.

Below is a photo of the cart and a Goldwing volunteer, Art. The photo of the line on the pavement is your guide to the Terminal Building and back to the parkade.

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