Thompson Airport To Get Funding For Upgrades

On Wednesday, the Winnipeg Free Press online edition reported on funding Thompson Airport will receive for upgrades to its runway and facilities. Over $8 million in federal government funding has been committed, which is good news for the improvement of air transportation in northern Manitoba.

Below is the article from the WFP, along with a photo of the airport from Thompson Airport's website. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Manitoba's northern communities, you can click here to better understand where Thompson is in relation to Winnipeg.

Thompson airport gets $8.7 million to upgrade facilities and for runway work

Aug 11, 2010

The Thompson airport is getting more than $8 million in government funding to upgrade its facilities and fix portions of the runway.

Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, announced the Canadian government will invest $42 million in safety-related improvements at airports across Canada. The Thompson airport is getting $8.7 million.

"Smaller airports are vital to many communities across the country, which is why the Government of Canada is taking action to make these much-needed safety upgrades," Toews said at the Thompson airport.

Curtis Ross, CEO of the Thompson Regional Airport Authority said the money will improve air service in the north.

"We are pleased to be receiving this much needed infrastructure funding for airside development. As our airport is the hub for many outlying communities whose only 100 per cent reliable source of transportation is air service, it will go a long way towards helping them as well," he said

"These dollars will help sustain the economic viability of our airport and, even though they are directed towards airside development and safety, will assist us towards the planning of a new Air Terminal Building."


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