Construction in the Snow

Good morning all!

Well I am back in "the hot seat" (aka in my office) today and feeling a lot better. Thanks so much to everyone who sent me "feel better soon" notes- very thoughtful of you!

As I predicted, I got quite a bit of feedback about my hot air balloon questions. One particular email was full of info so I thought I would post it for you!

Hey Carly,
Hope you feel better soon. Heres some info you were looking for on hot air ballons.
For my birthday this past June my parents got me a free hot air ballon ride. The Hot Air Ballons launch eathier in St. Vital Park (which is in the south east part of Winnipeg) or Kildonan Park which is near where i live in the north part of Winnipeg. Hot Air Ballons have the right a way over any aircraft flying as a Ballon "goes with the wind and doesn’t have throttle or steering. The Hot Air Ballon Pilot is in contact with the Winnipeg Control Tower at all times and informs the air traffic controllers that hes lifting off shortly. The Winnipeg Area Control Zone which our Control Tower covers is a 7 nautical mile radius of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Once the Hot Air Ballon crosses the Perimeter Hwy  our Control Tower clears him to on-route frequiencies. If the Hot Air ballon is going northbound he contacts St Andrews Tower once crossing the Perimeter and they will be in contact with him until he lands in a field or at the St. Andrews Airport if he can. When Hot Air Ballons go near Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport all arrivals and departures have to cease until the ballon clears the area. Normally Hot Air Ballons fly between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. Hope this helps you out.

So a big thanks to Shawn for all of that info- who knew!?

Today’s blog is really about our crazy weather though. If you live in Winnipeg, you know that Winnipeggers love to talk about the weather. It has been snowing like crazy and the roads are not too pretty right now. I drove by the construction site this morning, and man did I feel for the guys working out there. In their honor, I am posting a photo from the construction site taken earlier this morning to show just how tough they must be to be working hard out there! I’m so glad they are though- let’s get that new terminal open!



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