The Avrocar at WCAM

Ever seen a flying saucer in the sky? I haven’t. But I have seen one at the Western Canada Aviation Museum, where a replica of the Avro Avrocar is housed for display. Not as interesting as a flying one, no doubt, but still pretty cool.

The Avrocar was designed by John Frost, a British aircraft designer working for Avro Aircraft here in Canada. His idea for a supersonic disc-shaped vehicle drew the attention of the US Military, who eventually gave him funding for the idea.

Wind tunnel tests were conducted at a NASA research centre in California in 1959, and test flights took place at the Avro plant in Milton, Ontario. However the project never really took off – pardon the pun – as Frost and engineers had trouble perfecting its flaws. Funding was eventually pulled in 1961.

This is definitely an important piece of Canadian aviation history, as today’s engineers are still looking at ways to perfect the design, and some of its components.

Wikipedia has a great article on the Avrocar, for those wanting to learn more. And if you want to check it out in person, head down to WCAM for a visit.



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