New Baggage Claim Area Simulation!

Good morning guys,

Hope that you have big plans for the weekend! I definetely do- I am heading out on the town this evening in celebration of a friend’s birthday. I actually have known this particular friend since birth and she is coming in from out of town, and a bunch of us who went to school together are going. It will be a fun reunion!

I know I have been promising you all that I would be posting a carly-made video today, but I just found out that the camera did not come with any sort of cord to connect the camera to my computer! So I can’t upload any footage... so another week to wait for that I guess.

Instead, I made a little video of a simulation of passengers coming into the baggage claim area, getting bags, meeting their meeter/greeters and exiting the area in the new ATB! It’s kind of cool to see how the flow is going to go. I hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend!

ps- Don’t know if you noticed, the Latest Photos were updated yesterday!

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Johnny said:

That is some pretty groovy music! Shagadelic baby, Yeah!Reply

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