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A very happy Monday to you all!

I hope everyone enjoyed the snowy weekend (or not snowy, depending on where you are reading this from). I put up my tree this weekend, and it’s looking pretty festive! 

Today’s post is about the branding that we have been doing to help amp up the excitement about the new terminal- I’m sure you’ve seen it- ARRIVING. We are gearing up to put our next round of branding materials out on ’the streets’ in the next few weeks, so I thought it would be cool to post this video so you guys can get an idea of how it started and where we are going with it. The guy talking to you in the video is Ed. Ed and I joke that we are married because we talk about 12332143245 times a day about all of this stuff! Once I get my camera up and going, I’m sure you will be seeing more of him.




Murray Ternovetsky said:

It seems to be quite interesting and practical, as long as you can get someone to watch the entire video, don't know if that will happen regularly.

sandra said:

Love it! Curious to know who the demo is. As a traveller in Winnipeg, would I have an option of airports? Is there a component to the branding that is directed to potential in-airport businesses?

I think Winnipeggers will be proud to have an airport with the vibe you've created.Reply

Carly said:

Well we have a pretty broad scope because we are an airport and everyone uses it, but business travelers are certainly our most heavy user and we would want to communicate with them as much as possible. We have lots of ideas in mind for the new terminal for stations or areas that would be business traveler specific, but of course I can't confirm any of those yet as we don't have the building done just yet!
As far as getting businesses into the new ATB, there is a Concessions and Retail RFP out currently, which you can find on our corporate site,
There are no other airports in Winnipeg, but we want Winnipeg to feel excited about our new building and what it will mean for our city.
Phew! Hopefully this answers your questions! Thanks so much for the positive feedback- always good to hear.Reply

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