"Take Our Kids To Work" Day at YWG

Yesterday, Winnipeg Airports Authority was pleased to host twelve Grade 9 students as part of “Take Our Kids To Work” Day.

Starting with the airport fire hall, these students got experience the life of an airport fire fighter – trying on the gear, sitting in the new fire truck, spraying the fire hose – which gives them a different view of airport operations.

Next up was a tour of the New Air Terminal Building. Not many people have had the opportunity to walk through this construction site, so a first-hand look at what the city’s new airport will look like was fairly unique for these students.

After a pizza lunch in the observation lounge, our Winnipeg Police Service officers took the students on a tour of their office and holding cells. On display were some of the jackets the officers wore in the very early days of airport security.

This day was an excellent opportunity to show young students what exactly goes on at YWG, apart from the usual landing and take-offs that the public is used to seeing. And, not even 24hrs after the day was done, we received some feedback about the visit...

“I am very happy I got to experience different types of jobs at the airport, not just the office types.”
- A. McFadyen

Even though a lot of us work in an office, we're glad you got to experience the more exciting and interesting jobs at our airport!

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