Winter At YWG

Our winter crews were out in full force today, starting very early in the morning and continuing on as this blog post is being written.

From clearing the runways to de-icing the planes, the winter weather brings a lot of work to our crews. As you can see from the photos below, Winnipeg got quite a bit of snow overnight, and when you add strong winds into the mix, it means keeping the runways clean and safe is a top priority.

De-icing aircraft is an operation that is in full effect from late fall to early spring. Used to prevent the accumulation of ice on any aircraft lifting or control surface, the de-icing fluid ensures the safe operation of aircraft during winter months.

To learn more about our de-icing process, check out our Environment section here.

If you have any winter airport photos you would like to share – be it from the observation lounge or from an airplane window – feel free to do via Twitter and mentioning our account @YWGairport. Or, post them on our Facebook page here.


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