November 2010 YWG Construction Photos

The wooden ceilings that hover over the Departures level are nearing completion, and we have some excellent photos of them this month.

As always, the Arrivals area is looking awesome, especially since the construction crews have been replaced with baggage carousels and wide open space! We've included some photos from the back of the New Air Terminal Building as well. Fortunately no snow was on the ground yet when those shots were taken...


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Calvin said:

Will there be an open house of the terminal before it opens for use? I can't wait to see it in person.

Blog Admin said:

Hi Calvin. Glad to hear you're excited to see it in person! Opening events for the New Air Terminal Building are still in the works, but we will post info on them here when we're ready to announce them.

jonathon said:

are there going to be any non-stop over seas flights from winnipeg after the terminal has opened or in the future

jonathon said:

will there be a area in the terminal to watch planes if you are not flying cause i like to watch planes and winnipeg is my fav airport i think we have the number 1 airport in the world

Blog Admin said:

Hi Jonathan. The beautiful part about this New Air Terminal Building is that it has a transparent atmosphere. You can actually see planes on the tarmac as you walk into the building from the second level, and you'll be able to watch them closely once you pass through central screening. As for new flights, the building itself won't bring any new ones:*: however new routes are always being explored with potential airlines.

Thanks for the questions!

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