Another Airport Built From the Ground Up!

Good morning!

Well, for those of you who aren’t in Winnipeg- it is a very snowy morning here in Manitoba! I snapped a picture out of the office window this morning to post for you all- and this is after the really heavy snow calmed down!

And these pictures really don’t do the downfall any justice. We are apparently going to get 15 centimeters today- that will make for a slow and painful drive home! It’s also supposed to go to -30something tonight- yuck! Once again, I am so happy I work in the office and not on the airfield.

However, I was trying to get me and my camera out on the airfield to get some shots of the snow removal in action (and maybe ride in one of the machines!) but so far no luck with that. Maybe by the end of the day I can get out there. If not, we live in Winnipeg, so there will be many other opportunities.

Today’s post is actually about this video I found on YouTube. I searched for airport construction and found this little Lego animation of a Lego Airport and I thought it was so creative and funny. And given that I want to be supportive of "airport construction" I thought I’d better post it up for the world to see!


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Julian said:

Awesome lego video. I need to get my girls into lego instead of princesses so we can build our own airport. Maybe they have princess lego? I'll have to look into that.Reply

Carly said:

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