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Our neighbours at the Western Canada Aviation Museum (WCAM) have started a blog regarding – you guessed it – aviation in Western Canada. “Wing and a Prayer” is an informative, well written and entertaining site, this blog teaches us about everything aviation, from pioneer bush pilots to early oil dilution systems (used to start plane engines in cold climates) it’s an excellent source for anyone interested in the history of this industry.

Also included is some great photography. Due to the museums vast archive of photographs from pilots, passengers and airlines over the past century, some terrific images (see examples below) help to tell the stories of Manitoba’s close connection to aviation and its growth in Canada.

To check out the blog for yourself, visit historyoflight.wordpress.com. You can also follow them on Twitter at @historyoflight and Facebook. For more information on WCAM, check them out at www.wcam.mb.ca.

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