New Terminal Photos: At Night

Good morning blog readers!

Today’s drive to work was much more bearable than yesterday’s! The roads are cleared, the ice has been salted or graveled, and I feel like I’m driving to work again instead of sliding and slipping.

Speaking of sliding and slipping, guess who did finally get out in a snow plough yesterday and take some footage on the runways!? ME! It’s all on my trusty little camera that I am falling in love with- however I don’t have the cord to connect it to the computer yet (although I suspect it will arrive today) so hopefully I can put together a video and have that posted sometime this week- it was really cool, although I was wearing little shoes with nylon socks when I should have been wearing winter boots! How was I to know that I was going to be out of my office and in a giant snow-ploughing tractor?!

For today’s post, I thought I would share some of our renderings that show the outside of the terminal (or at least, what it will look like once it’s finished!). I find the first picture is really helpful for me to imagine the scale of the building- if you look closely through the glass, you can see groups of people- they look pretty tiny! The other photos show how gorgeous it is going to be- I know the architect mentioned that his vision was a "lantern on the prairie" and it definetely looks like that! A better word might be "beacon on the prairie". Enjoy the photos!



Johnny said:

Interesting that the artist anticipates YWG being a British Airways hub in the future - I count 4 BA planes on the tarmac!Reply

Jeff said:

Even more interesting that judging by the distinctive nose and tails they all appear to be older boeing 747's!Reply

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