Customer Service 2.0

About a month ago, two of our Silverwing Youth Volunteers, Nicholas Levasseur and Fraser Forbes, were called over to assist some passengers who were experiencing some challenges in communicating with airline staff due to a language barrier. A German couple, who spoke very little English, was asking for assistance, but it was unclear at first what they were asking.

Through the use of universal hand gestures, it was determined the couple needed assistance in making a phone call back home. Nicholas, one of the Silverwings, suggested to Fraser, the other Silverwing, that he download a Translation App on his phone. Once downloaded, the two bright young men were able to ask the couple the city, area code, and number they wished to call. Nicholas called the operator and relayed the necessary information to place the call to Germany.

“It took us about half an hour to figure everything out, but the couple was clearly very happy and less stressed”, said Nicholas Levasseur. “I think it was very cool we were able to communicate with them with such a language barrier and solve the problem.”


Pictured above: Fraser Forbes and Nicholas Levasseur

The Silverwing Youth Volunteer Program gives Manitoba high school students an opportunity to learn about careers in the field of aviation and become familiar with the operation of the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. The airport environment allows students to develop their interpersonal skills by assisting travellers; all while earning a half credit towards their graduation requirements. The Silverwings are a great asset to customer service delivery at the airport.

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