Power Smart Partnership with Manitoba Hydro

Winnipeg Airports Authority has been involved with Manitoba Hydro's Power Smart program since 2006. We’ve been working diligently to reduce energy consumption of the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and supporting buildings.

To celebrate our partnership and highlight some of the great energy reducing initiatives that have gone into the design and cosntruction of the new terminal, Manitoba Hydro recently asked us to join them for a Power Smart public service announcement. Follow the link below to the see the video posted on the Manitoba Hydro website.

Winnipeg Airports Authority Power Smart Video

Featured in the video are Christine Alongi, our Director of Communications & Public Affairs, and Richard Fraser, Major Account Advisor, Industrial & Commercial Solutions for Manitoba Hydro.

“The new air terminal building project was the first to use the “whole building approach” which is based on all Natural Gas and Electricity savings above Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB),” said Fraser. “This is similar to Manitoba Hydro’s Performance Optimization program with a component of our Building Envelope program as well.”

We’ve worked together on Power Smart lighting for the replacement upgrade of T12 ballasts to T8 ballasts for the administration building and our central utilities building.

The Parkade utilized both the Lighting for New Buildings program and Parking Lot Controller programs. We’ve also installed monitoring equipment so we can monitor our electrical service profiles in real time.

As a partner with the community, WAA is committed to the principles of sustainable development. Our objective is to minimize impacts on the environment from daily operations and development through continuous improvement of environmental performance in a manner consistent with WAA’s overall missions and goals.

For more information about Power Smart, visit the Manitoba Hydro website

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