Shots from the Top of the New Parkade

The weekend is here, blog readers!

I hope that you all have warm and cozy plans for this coming weekend! After the blizzard warning yesterday, I thought we’d all be snowed in, but unless I missed something, I didn’t think we ended up with much snow after all. Which is a good thing, of course!

My weekend plan is to head out with some friends tonight, and then our annual Seasonal Celebration is on Saturday evening. My mommy is also in town on Sunday so I think we are going to go for breakfast together- awwww.

Speaking of time with the family, I think I should take this time now to let you know the blog schedule for the holidays! December 21 will be the last blog posted until January 2, when I will be back in blogging action. I will still check the site for comments/questions/etc. but both the blog and I need time to celebrate the season!

Today’s blog is some photos I found in that secret construction photo folder I was telling you about last week. These photos are from the top of the new parkade and I think they are really beautiful even though they do show some of the construction going on, etc. It’s also nice to reminisce about the weather back when the grass was green, like in these pics! My favorite is the shot that shows the construction on the new roadway, and then you can see downtown Winnipeg in the background- it’s a great view up there!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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