Filming of Smilin' Jack: The Jack Layton Story

Last week, the central de-icing facility at the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport became a film set for Smilin’ Jack, a made-for-television movie that began shooting in Winnipeg on August 5th.

The central de-icing facility at the airport is where planes are de-iced before takeoff, which means it’s only operational during the winter months; making it a perfect location for a film shoot during the summer. Here's a link to a prior blog post about our central de-icing facility.

The afternoon of August 16th, the site began to transform as vans, SUV’s, trailers, pickup trucks, and buses moved in, along with 105 cast, crew and extras. Everything was set up, prepped, filmed and moved out by the following morning at 5:30am. What pros!

Winnipeg Airports Authority staff worked closely with the film’s location manager to ensure all security requirements and pre-clearances were handled in advance for the movie’s cast, crew, vehicles and equipment.

We look forward to when the movie airs in the New Year and we can say, “That scene was shot at our airport!”

For further information about Smilin’ Jack, here’s a link to the ACI Manitoba website.

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