Alan Parkin Receives President’s Award

Congratulations to Alan Parkin on receiving the President’s Award of Excellence yesterday at a small ceremony on the Arrivals curb. Alan is the second employee from Avion Services to receive this award. Avion provides security services at the airport.

The President’s Award of Excellence is our highest award and recognizes airport campus employees who RISE above their regular work responsibilities, to act in the interests of others. These contributions go beyond what is considered professional service, and positively impact the workplace and those in the community.

At the ceremony, our President & CEO, Barry Rempel, thanked Alan for his dedication and professionalism in providing exceptional service to our community. Alan’s ability to interact and communicate positively with airport visitors and travellers truly reflects the spirit of a “Campus Crew” member.

In a letter we received from Michael Pye, General Manager of the Fairmont Winnipeg, he described Alan as a “guest service superstar”, and we couldn’t agree more!

Joining us at the ceremony were representatives from SRG/Avion Services: Randy Johnson, Director of Protective Services Manitoba and Corey Peloquin, Operations Manager.

Pictured above from left to right is Randy Johnson, Barry Rempel, Alan Parkin and Corey Peloquin. 

Past recipients of the President’s Award of Excellence include Dina Serpa from Avion Services, Annabelle Espada from HMS Host, Ma-Luisa Panganiban from Compass Group, Shola Ojeleye from WestJet and Jeff Devaney from Winnipeg Airports Authority.

For further information about Avion Services, visit their website .

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