Pets at the Airport

Whether travelling with their owners, or coming to the airport as part of a send-off or welcoming committee, household pets are becoming frequent visitors to the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. Please continue reading for important information for you and your pet.

We recently created a designated pet relief area, located to the west of the terminal on the main level. The pet relief area is a space where your furry friend can stretch their legs before or after their flight and it also features plastic baggies and a garbage bin.

For the health and safety of passengers and staff, we ask travellers and visitors to ensure all pets are contained in a kennel or pet carrier before entering the terminal building. The airport is a busy place with lots of vehicle and foot traffic; having pets kennelled or in pet carriers keeps them safe. Having pets in carriers also helps those with allergies or a fear of animals. Another reason why pets should be in carriers is the presence of working dogs at the airport. We aim to ensure that police dogs and guide dogs have minimal distractions while working.

Animals may enter the terminal when:

  • It is a service animal/guide dog for a passenger or visitor of the airport
  • It is a house pet properly contained in a kennel or pet carrier
  • It is a dog used by enforcement agencies, such as customs or police officers

If you’ll be flying with your pet, please contact your airline directly for their guidelines and regulations for flying with pets.

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