Innovative Systems at the Central Utilities Building

Over the past several years, the Winnipeg Airports Authority has been upgrading its Central Utilities Building to meet not only today's needs, but tomorrow’s standards. The Central Utilities Building serves as the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport’s powerhouse and provides heating and cooling to several buildings around the Airport.

WAA has increased power efficiency, reduced operational costs, and reduced negative environmental effects by purchasing state-of-the-art equipment and applying smart solutions to everyday problems. Some examples of innovative thinking at the Central Utilities Building include:

  • Installation of ultraviolet light filters to the air conditioning chilled water unit. Ultraviolet light kills bacteria and is a better alternative to the application of toxic biocides. Ultraviolet light is more reliable, cost effective, and also provides a safer work place;
  • Addition of filters in pipes and valves to reduce the accumulation of iron. This increases the reliability of the system and reduces future costs associated with the premature wear of parts;
  • Update of fluorescent light ballasts throughout the building. This reduces power consumption and saves money. This project was a Power Smart initiative in conjunction with Manitoba Hydro;
  • Installation of four new highly efficient natural gas boilers. The boilers provide a low flame temperature and a staged combustion, which reduces fuel consumption, internal gas diffusion, and recirculation of gases. This in turn reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere such as nitrous oxide. The combination of the new boilers, heat recuperator and exchangers provides a system that is 97% more efficient than the previous system;
  • Installation of an efficient generator to replace an aged generator. WAA relies on a back-up generator in the event of an energy loss. The new generator will provide reliable and safe back-up power, and also meets the US Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas emissions requirement for stationary applications.

Pictured above is a SOFAME heat recovery unit.

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