Happy Holidays from Carly Blog!

Happy Holidays Blog Readers!

Well after stuffing myself full of all of the holiday treats I could find in the past 48 hours, I bid you all adieu until the new year! Yes, that’s correct, Carly Blog will resume on January 2nd, 2008. I know it’s a bit of a wait, but I hope that all of you will hardly miss me, with all of your holiday plans! I also will be traveling quite a bit over the holidays, so I’d rather not stress about finding WiFi in rural Manitoba!

So before we get to the blog, I wanted to post my own personal holiday message to everyone who reads james2010.ca every day (or once in a while)! I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday, first and foremost. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported the Carly Blog and james2010.ca in 2007. It is really heartwarming to see how many hits some of the postings get, and it reminds me how excited people are to see their big, new, beautiful terminal- and that’s why we are all here at the end of the day- too see that new airport and all of the great things that will come out of that. I hope that this blog is helping you to look forward to many of the different aspects that the new building will bring us in 2010, and that you enjoy reading my daily updates as much as I enjoy writing them!

Now, onto what you came here for: Today’s blog. After yesterday’s video posting, I recieved a few emails from people congratulating us on an event well done, as well as a few questions such as: Who was Santa? What schools were the kids from? Etc. So I thought I would post some photos with some captions to help answer your questions. I also thought this was a perfect way of blending the airport theme with the season to leave you with a festive Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Aiport blog to end 2007. Enjoy!

Santa makes his appearance on the plane. As the real Santa is quite busy this time of year, Doug Speirs from the Winnipeg Free Press filled in.

Here is Doug pre-Santa, along with Ace Burpee from Hot103 and some of the students. I’m not sure if these kids are from Dufferin or Pinkham School, but either way they look happy.

In the back you can see Matt Sheridan of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers lending some holiday cheer, along with Chrissy Troy from Hot103.

Here’s Matt again- like he needs those Antlers for extra height!

Matt and Winnipeg Airports Authority Volunteers served pizza along with carrots and dip to all the kids as they arrived. Feeding 160 kids in under an hour took some serious coordination.

Matt with his favorite elf, Bob Cox, Publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Some lucky kids meet some reindeer from the Assiniboine Park Zoo on their way into the airport.

The Winnipeg Airports Authority volunteers! And yes, that is me in the middle with the antlers. A good look for me, isn’t it?



Nick Moran said:

That day of the Santa Flight was a lot of fun. I am a goldwign ambassador and joined them on the flight. It was great to see all those kids having a good time.Reply

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