World's Most Stylish Airports Recognition

This month, Winnipeg Airports Authority received some very exciting news. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport was named one of the world’s most stylish airports by The Telegraph UK!

The nod on The Telegraph specifically gives mention to the fact that the main terminal was designed by world renowned architect César Pelli. Also that it was the first airport terminal to be certified for its environmental friendliness, and notable for its ultra-modern look and energy efficiency.

After surpassing our one year anniversary in the new terminal, this is just one of the recognitions our community has received for our airport.

The Telegraph gives Winnipeg’s terminal this mention along side some of the world’s most recognized airports, including: New York’s JFK Airport, Dubai International Airport, Thailand’s Samui Airport, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz International Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and many more.

Being the only airport in Canada to receive this recognition is something Manitobans can be truly proud of. Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is the gateway to our community, and the new front door to our great city.

See the complete list of ‘The World’s Most Stylish Airports’ here.
(The above photo has been provided by The Telegraph UK)



Jenny said:

I totally loved this writeup because I also travel a lot and it made me want to just keep on traveling and see all the airports in the world. :)

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