Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

With the seasonal decrease of sunlight, we become more dependent on artificial sources of light. The additional hours of artificial light needed can become costly if inefficient sources are used. In the past, incandescent and halogen lights were widely used. Now energy efficient alternatives are commonly available such as compact florescent light bulbs and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights, which create an effective solution to improving energy efficiency.

The Winnipeg Airports Authority considered energy efficiency when planning for the New Air Terminal at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. The building’s creative architecture enables natural light to be used as much as possible for lighting. It combines daylight and energy-efficient artificial lighting, where it uses photo sensors and occupancy sensors to help ensure that lights are turned off in areas and rooms that are sufficiently lit or unoccupied. As well, when artificial lighting is required, the terminal uses LED, metal halide and low-wattage, long-life sources.

In addition to the energy efficiency solutions at the Air Terminal Building, WAA has made upgrades to other building they operate such as the Central Utilities Building. The CUB, as it’s commonly known, had energy efficient upgrades made to its fluorescent lights and electric ballasts as part of Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart Program. As well, Airport partners are also contributing to reducing their energy consumption. One such partner is Pattison, who completely overhauled their lighting system infrastructure at the Airport where their billboards were switched to LED lighting. Pattison projects that this switch to a more efficient light source will lower their electricity consumption by 66% annually.

WAA has also considered efficient light sources for the 2012 holiday season. Three Christmas trees were placed in the Air Terminal Building; two in the Arrivals area and one in the Departures area. All three are lit by energy efficient LED light bulbs. LED light bulb strings use much less electricity (4 watts for a 70-light bulb string) than the traditional incandescent light bulb strings, and have a much greater life span. Even small changes such as these continue to make a positive impact on environment.

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