Amazing New Runway Pics from Portugal

Good morning!

I have a meeting in about 15 minutes so I’m going to try and keep this blog short and sweet! The meeting is about a movie shoot that is set to happen in Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport in the next couple of weeks. I can’t believe some of the stuff they want to do! Building temporary walls, blowing snow using huge machines, etc. It’s going to be really fun to watch this happen once they get filming.

Today’s post is some photos that were suggested to me by none other than one of our blog ’guest stars’ Ed (the branding guy- if you recall the video a couple of weeks ago). These pictures are amazing. They are of a new runway built along the water at a Portuguese airport and they are beautiful. I’ve gotta say, maybe it’s because I’m a prairie girl, but even though I’m completely sure that the runway is 100% safe and all of that, I think I would be pretty nervous to be looking out the window of that plane and see ocean all along one side! It looks like there is a parking lot under it too... bizarre. Really cool photos though- thanks Ed!


ps- I will be updating the weekly photos section right away also!


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nate said:

Thats incredible. A great engineering feet.Reply

Charles A. Alexander said:

What airport is this?Reply

AMB said:

That is just unreal. a great success for civil engineering. I love it, but i would have worried more about aestetics, the surroundings seem to be so nice. I guess its always a problem for engineers to determine the serviceability of a structure vs aestetics.Reply

Pedro said:

I enjoyed finding out that the country where my roots are have something so amazing like this runway. It hit me right in the heart to see this in a country where i have a big connection with. AWESOME!!!Reply

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