Battery and Cell Phone Recycling Program

Over the last year Winnipeg Airports Authority has introduced several new recycling programs to help reduce our impact on the environment. One of those programs is the Call2Recycle® battery and cell phone recycling program. The program was first introduced in January 2012, and aims to reduce the need to harvest natural resources by reusing the valuable materials found in used batteries and cell phones.

Every year millions of batteries and cell phones are purchased, each containing heavy metals which can contaminate the environment if they are not properly disposed. By participating in the Call2Recycle® program, WAA is playing an important role in shaping a more sustainable future.

So, how did WAA do? In 2012, we diverted 208 pounds (94.5 kilograms) of batteries and cell phones from the landfill. To ensure all employees had access to the program, batteries were collected from 11 different sites around the campus.

In 2012, through the Call2Recycle® program Canada collected over 1 million pounds (454,000 kilograms) of batteries. Although, WAA’s contribution seems like a small drop in the bucket, our participation is helping to ensure this program remains available and encourages new participation throughout the country.

Internally, as the program continues to grow and participation increases, our collection numbers will only rise. This is already evident in 2013, as our collection totals are nearing the 2012 totals and it’s only June!

If visitors to the airport would like to dispose of their used household batteries or cell phones, they can do so by dropping them off at the Information Booth located on the Arrivals level of the terminal.

For more information on the Call2Recycle® program and to learn about other drop-off sites around Winnipeg, visit the their website.

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