Change for the Better – CEO Sleepout

On Thursday, September 26, Pascal Bélanger, our VP Business Development, will participate in the third annual CEO Sleepout in support of Change for the Better, a campaign to help homeless people get off the street and into permanent paid employment and a healthier environment.

Change for the Better was founded by the Downtown BIZ in 1992. Since its inception, the program has raised over $354,000, with 100% of all donations going to employment programs for the homeless.

In 2011, the BIZ organized the first-ever CEO Sleepout in Canada, which brought together CEOs, community leaders, and media representatives, to raise awareness about homelessness. In 2011, CEO Sleepout participants raised over $100,000 and in 2012, they raised over $119,000, which helped support programs at Siloam Mission, Red Road Lodge, and Graffiti Art Programming Inc.

An important part of our mission at Winnipeg Airports Authority is to be a responsible community partner and we certainly take this to heart. As individuals, we all have the power to make changes for the better, but as a business, our impact can be even greater when we unite together for a good cause.

If you would like to support Change for the Better by sponsoring Pascal, please follow the link.

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