An Aerial View of Winter @ YWG

Good morning all!

Can I just say- BRRRR!

For those of you reading this blog outside of Manitoba, I would like to applaud your decision to live somewhere where it is not -32 with the windchill first thing in the morning- and that’s not a strange occurance, that’s the seasonal norm!

I always think it’s strange that all Manitobans complain about the cold, but take some sort of proud pleasure from those visiting acknowledging how freezing it is here- it’s like a pat on the back for all of us living with these ridiculous temperatures. I’ve certainly had to giggle at people at the airport heading outside after a warm vacation- it’s an expression of disgusted disbelief!

On my winter theme today, I decided to post this great photo taken from a plane of YWG in the middle of winter. This was obviously taken awhile ago because there is no sign of the new terminal in this photo. If this photo was taken today, you would see tons of construction and the steel coming out of the ground! I think this picture is pretty gorgeous though, so enjoy!

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