New Construction Photos

Happy Friday all!

Well today has been a bit busy that’s for sure! I had a complaint from a reader yesterday that he missed hearing some of the personal stuff about my life on this blog. While I’m confident the most interesting thing about this blog is the new terminal, if you are all curious about what I’m up to each day, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you! So I will tell you that this weekend I am heading home to my hometown for my little brother’s birthday- well not so little anymore, he’s turning 18! Should be lots of small town fun!

Today’s post is a few photos I found from the construction site. The first makes me shiver just to see it- I cannot even imagine how cold it was when this photo was taken! It’s -40 with the windchill today! And then next two are some stunning shots of some of the huge beams coming out of the ground. I think these pictures are beautiful, so enjoy!


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