Celebrating National Volunteer Week

From our Prairie hospitality right down to the slogan on our license plates, Manitoba is known as a friendly province. Here at the airport, this community’s front door to the world, it really starts with our volunteers.

Whether the wind sweeps you through the revolving doors of Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, or you exit your flight and walk up the ramp into the terminal, our volunteer Ambassadors are there to greet you, answer a question or point you in the right direction.

Our Goldwing Ambassadors, easy to spot wearing gold blazers and black ties (or scarves), have been pleasantly volunteering their time to help travellers since 1997, logging over 200,000 volunteer hours.

Our Silverwing Youth Ambassadors, dressed equally as sharp wearing black shirts and silver ties, are local high school students who volunteer to learn about careers in aviation, and to assist passengers and airport visitors.

The airport has 105 Goldwing Ambassadors and 15 Silverwing Ambassadors, all volunteering to help welcome you home and greet guests of the city.

We are Friendly Manitoba largely because of our volunteers, and during National Volunteer Week, we want to thank all the volunteers of the Goldwing and Silverwing Ambassador Programs.

Thank you Goldwings and Silverwings!


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