Earth Day 2015 - Celebrating LEED Silver Certification

If you’ve walked through the open, day-lit terminal of the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, especially after a long flight, you’ll know it can sometimes feel like a breath of fresh air.

Well, that’s because in many ways, it IS a breath of fresh air. Those tall sleek silver totems located throughout the terminal each contain a unique filtration system that keeps the air you breath fresh and clean. They also stream cool air into the building at a higher level – but not at ceiling height – so it can fall naturally into the space actually occupied by travellers. This results in considerable energy savings and is just one of the green features of the airport terminal.

It’s also one of the many green features that helped Winnipeg Airports Authority attain LEED Silver certification.

What does this mean? LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized rating system used to rank high-performance green buildings. Our airport is the first terminal in Canada to achieve LEED certification, making it one of the most environmentally friendly in Canada. Today, as we acknowledge Earth Day, Barry Rempel, President & CEO of Winnipeg Airport Authority, unveiled a plaque in the Arrivals Hall to celebrate this achievement.

Designed and built with the community’s environment at heart, the airport adhered to green strategies from pre-construction onward. It incorporated elements such as high-efficiency lighting and water efficient fixtures, radiant flooring, and used regionally manufactured and recycled materials during construction.

Taking advantage of our big, sun-filled prairie sky, the installation of large ‘glass curtain’ exterior walls illuminate the building with natural light, and reduces the need for artificial lighting. Sensors switch to high-efficiency electric lighting only when needed.

Those same sleek totems keep travellers at the perfect temperature by distributing heated air into the building near floor level, allowing it to rise natural and resulting in less wasted heat. Wasted heat from things such as computers and electronic rooms is captured and reused.

Based on the LEED Energy Model, the Earth-friendly terminal was estimated to have a positive impact equivalent to taking more than 1,000 cars off the road for one year.

These are just a few of the innovative features that will significantly reduce the size of the airport’s carbon footprint, keeping our community and our environment fresh and clean for generations of travellers.

You can read more on the LEED Silver certification here

Pictured above from L to R: Scott Gillingham, City Councillor for St. James - Brooklands - Weston, and Barry Rempel, President & CEO of Winnipeg Airports Authority.


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