2015 United Way Plane Pull

United Way Winnipeg kicked off its 2015 fundraising season with its 12th Annual Plane Pull competition at Red River College’s Stevenson Campus.

Colourfully dressed teams had their choice of pulling either an 84,000 lb RCAF Hercules, or an 86,000 lb Boeing 727. Decked out in hippie threads, Winnipeg Airports Authority employees pulled the Herc across 20-feet of tarmac!

Participating teams competed for several prizes, including fastest time (Team Steam), team theme, and team scream. Congratulations to the team from 17 Wing who pulled the Herc in 8.40 seconds, and the University of Manitoba Bisons who pulled the Boeing 727 in an impressive time of 8.50 seconds.

Though our flower power didn’t translate to an excess of raw power, Winnipeg Airports Authority’s team had a gas and tackled the gnarly task with a respectable time of 10.00 seconds in the Competitive Pull.

Winnipeg Airports Authority partnered with United Way to organize the inaugural Plane Pull eleven years ago. We’ve been actively involved ever since, both as a sponsor and participant. We look forward to contributing towards United Way’s 2015 fundraising target of $21 million.

To see pictures from this year’s event, please follow the link to our Facebook page.


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