On the Move

Good morning!

Wednesday already? This week is flying by- no pun intended- ha ha.

Sorry- I must be tired to be making such bad jokes so early in the morning! There is really no good reason that I’m tired either. I was watching Season 2 of Friends last night and got a little carried away and got into bed much later than usual. The crazy part is I think I have seen every Friends episode at least 20 times so I’m not sure why I was so keen to keep watching... they are still funny though.

Today’s post is a video I found of LAX and it is very cool to watch. I would love to do a video like this of YWG to post for you guys- I’m just not sure how I would go about it because the tapes I have for my camera are only 60 mins long- so I would have to pull an overnighter to switch the tape every hour. I will have to find a way. Anyway, this video does a great job of showing how constant movement is (not just in the air) at a 24 hour operation (just like YWG!). I hope you enjoy!

ps. Thanks to everyone who sent comments, etc. yesterday- I had an inbox boom! I am working on responses!


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