Winnipeg Airports Authority's 2015 Spirit Days

Winnipeg Airports Authority held its annual United Way fundraising campaign over the months of October and November and the results are officially in: including employee contributions and matching, WAA raised over $61,000 towards the community organization!

United Way’s corporate kick-off for the 2015 fundraising season was launched at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport with the 12th Annual Plane Pull competition (for more information on Plane Pull 12, please follow this link).

WAA’s fundraising initiatives included a pancake breakfast, tough trivia challenge, chili cook-off, a pizza lunch where you could nominate a fellow co-worker to don funny attire in exchange for a donation, and a bake sale in the airport’s Arrivals Hall.

A special thank you goes out to all the volunteers who dedicated time to organize the activities, flip pancakes, cook chili, and bake tasty treats. A very special thank you goes out to the various sponsors, airport campus tenants and employees who participated in the events and donated towards the United Way. We appreciate it!

The following are photos from our United Way fundraising events.



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