Travelling Holidays? Use Our Gift-Wrapping Station!

Take advantage of our gift-wrapping station located just past the security checkpoint for all domestic departures. If you bring a wrapped gift to the airport in hopes of bringing it as carry-on, security may have to open the gift to see what it is.

If your gift is unwrapped during the process of going through security, this station provides you with the opportunity to re-wrap it.

If you visit CATSA’s website, you can see what’s suitable to bring as carry-on baggage. What Can I Bring?

Let’s go over some holiday gifts and figure out what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed on your airplane as carry-on baggage:

  • Hockey stick: not allowed (Instead, you can check the stick as oversized baggage)
  • Winnipeg Jets jersey: allowed
  • 300 mL bottle of cologne: not allowed (instead, you can keep the cologne in your checked baggage)
  • PlayStation 4: allowed
  • Fishing pole with a hook: not allowed (Instead, you can check the pole as over-sized baggage)
  • Ice skates: allowed

Hopefully this information makes your seasonal travel a little easier. Enjoy the holidays!

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