Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is YWG Winter Ready

We’re the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, and our people know a thing or three about snow. When it comes to keeping an airport open in the City of Winterpeg, you have to start early and you have to go hard daily. For us, winter begins before the first flake even falls.

How do we do it? With our team of #YWGWinterReady experts who mend runways, maintain fences, paint jet lines, remedy safety issues and even mow the vast grass alongside the airfield. Of course, they also handle massive machinery needed to clear runways, move snow, and make sure every single metal bird has safe takeoffs and landings.

Take a look below to see how we made we were YWG Winter Ready. 












Add all of this up and more: we were here to ensure that $3.34 billion of business, more than 4 million passengers, and our connection to the world remained intact. Growth is still on the horizon and as they say, the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.


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