Land Development

Land Development

Winnipeg lies at the geographic centre of North America and Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is only 6.5 kilometres from downtown, operating on a 24-hour basis.

Winnipeg’s location advantages include:

  • 24-hour international airport
  • Three major North American rail networks (CN, CP, BNSF)
  • Major trucking routes, including the TransCanada Highway and direct access to the US Interstate Highway system
  • Central time zone location means maximum coverage at the minimum cost
  • Northern hub of the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor
  • Logistics industry concentrated in the airport area
  • Strong local logistics industry providing a productive, educated and multilingual labour force
  • Modern and extensive communications infrastructure
  • Favourable business cost environment

Cargo and courier business is strong in Winnipeg, with two major on-site sorting facilities and air cargo service from most couriers and airlines.

Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is truly a Multimodal Transportation Hub, also including a direct connection to Mexico via the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor.

Winnipeg’s strategic location at the heart of the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor makes it a logical transportation and distribution hub and it is located in the Central Time Zone - a Manitoba business advantage.