Contact Information

Contact Information

WAA is prepared to help you succeed in doing business at the airport. For information on development guidelines for WAA land, please send an e-mail to

WAA is a partner in Winnipeg Airport Lands Corp. (WALC) and its  plan for the development of lands to the west of the airport. This partnership with the land owners aligns with real estate development initiatives on WAA leased lands. This opportunity to develop land in proximity to the airport within CentrePort will stimulate economic activity. In 2015 WALC worked diligently with engineering and consulting services to update the precinct plan for this area.

WALC has led the development of the Airport Area West Structure Plan (AAWSP), which provides a plan for land use and infrastructure for an area of about 2,000 acres west of the airport.

Contact WALC:

Rob Bachart
Winnipeg Airport Lands Corp.
249-2000 Wellington Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3H 1C2
Tel: 204.987.7862