YWG Clean Program

We are committed to exceeding all public health guidelines and meeting the highest cleaning standards to provide a safe airport environment for all. Our YWG Clean Program embodies all actions taken to date, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to further provide a healthy and safe travel environment. Our actions and initiatives are being expanded upon on an ongoing basis in collaboration with public health authorities to help ensure all travellers, visitors and airport employees feel safe and confident moving through the airport.

What we're doing every day at YWG

Our cleaning teams are working diligently, combining manual techniques and leading technology, to achieve a new standard of cleanliness in all areas. Below are some examples of the measures in place at YWG to further prioritize cleanliness and provide a healthy airport experience.

Enhanced cleaning routines and tools


Addressing high-touch areas

Sanitizer and solutions

  • Increased hand sanitizer stations are always being replenished in convenient locations throughout each step of the travel experience for encouraged traveller use.
  • Hand hygiene is also supported by touch-free soap dispensers, sinks and hand dryers inside the washrooms at YWG. Individual sanitizers are also available in each stall.
  • All cleaning solutions have also been reviewed to achieve the greatest result and meet health standards, in accordance with Health Canada.


Two HVAC technicians helping maintain the air filtration system in the terminal

Healthy atmosphere

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