Before Your Appointment

Before Your Appointment

Before you schedule your appointment, please follow these steps to ensure a smooth process.

Please ensure you have the forms you require for your appointment completed prior to booking. Click the name of each form to find ones you need.

If you have a specialized request with a form not available below, you can go back to the Pass Office page here.

New Hire? These documents are mandatory. Please complete all applicable fields carefully.

What to expect at your “New Hire Appointment” at the Pass Office

This appointment will be approximately 30 minutes in duration. You can expect us to review your paperwork, photocopy your ID, take a photo of you and take your fingerprints. We will assess your documents and the nature of your job duties to determine if you qualify for a “Temporary Pass”.

If issued to you, this pass will allow you to function with limited access in the Restricted Areas of the Airport until the Pass Office receives a response from Transport Canada to your application for Transportation Security Clearance.

Don’t forget to bring these original documents to your “New Hire Appointment” at the Pass Office

  • Government Issued Photo ID (driver’s license or other)
  • Government Issued Passport (if you have a passport)
  • Birth Certificate – mandatory if born in Canada
  • Citizenship Card or Permanent Resident card mandatory if not born in Canada

These documents are optional, and dependent on your job role. Ask your employer if you should complete these documents.

Completed your RAIC application and have questions? Please read this FAQ to see if you still need to schedule an appointment.

Please ensure your company’s Signing Authority has signed all forms as required. 

Once the mandatory forms above are complete and signed by your company’s Signing Authority, please book your Pass Office appointment online.

Book an appointment online at the YWG Pass Office to process your paperwork