Media Access

Media Access

Public Area Media Access Policy

Requests for interviews with WAA representatives and requests for authorization to shoot video, film footage or still photography at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport should be made in advance to WAA’s Manager, Communications & Public Affairs by phoning the 24-Hour Media Line, 204.992.2791.

Media representatives are permitted to shoot video, footage or photography and conduct interviews in public, non-restricted areas, as long as it does not impede, block or restrict airport flow and movement of travellers and airport staff. It is imperative that all emergency fire exits and escape routes remain clear at all times.

Restricted Area Media Access Policy

Access to any restricted area at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, including the Terminal Building and airfield, is subject to Transport Canada Security measures.

Media representatives wishing to film or conduct interviews post-security will only be able to do so with permission from WAA's Manager, Communications & Public Affairs, and will be subject to normal security screening procedures. Requests must be made in advance by phoning the 24-Hour Media Line, 204.992.2791. 

Please be advised that all scheduled media visits may be cancelled should an emergency arise.