The Hub

The Hub

The Hub – Winnipeg’s Gateway to the World, is a free publication available at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.

The Hub gives readers an insider’s perspective into Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, and caters to all travellers – whether they are visiting Manitoba for the first time and looking for things to do, or are getting ready to jet away on a tropical vacation.

To access a Flash-based digital copy, please visit The Hub's website or click on one of the links below.

The Hub - Winter 2018

The Hub - Fall 2017

The Hub - Summer 2017

The Hub - Spring 2017

The Hub - Winter 2016

The Hub - Fall 2016

The Hub - Summer 2016

The Hub - Spring 2016

The Hub - Winter 2015

The Hub - Autumn 2015

The Hub - Summer 2015

The Hub - Spring 2015

The Hub - Winter 2014

The Hub - Autumn 2014

The Hub - Summer 2014