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Airport Accessibility

Planning ahead and researching accessibility options before you travel will improve your experience. We encourage travellers to check with their individual airline with respect to what equipment is acceptable to bring on a plane and when to arrive at the airport. Winnipeg Airports Authority’s website at provides contact information for airlines and other helpful links. Visit the Canadian Transportation Agency’s website at for a Reservation Checklist — a step-by-step guide for meeting the needs of travellers with disabilities.

Your airline can provide a manual wheelchair, assistance to and from the gate area, or supply a temporary escort pass to permit someone else to help you to the gate if necessary. Please identify your needs to your airline at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to travel to allow time for your requests to be fulfilled.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is responsible for passenger screening at airports. When it comes to packing for your trip, information on what and how to pack as well as questions about security screening is available on their website at

Airport Accessibility Brochure

Airport Accessibility Brochure - Text only