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Passenger Rehearsal Program

Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is proud to be the first airport in Canada to offer an ongoing, individualized, and sustained Passenger Rehearsal Program.

The Passenger Rehearsal Program provides one-on-one support to passengers with a disability or who may require additional support at the airport. The program aims to help individuals familiarize themselves with the travelling experience. Prior to one’s travels, they can sign up to receive a personalized tour of the airport and be guided through the travel process one step at a time. The designated airport guide will coordinate the tour to best meet the needs of the individual, such as mirroring one’s upcoming travel itinerary and answering specific questions to boost traveller confidence and readiness before their trip. 

The goal of the program is to ensure travel is inclusive, approachable, and enjoyable for all passengers who plan to move through YWG. The guided tour is open for parents or guardians who wish to participate and is designed with our community in mind.

We encourage any future traveller to utilize this free service by reaching out using the contact details below. Please be sure to indicate how many people the tour is for and if you have any specific requests ahead of time to help us plan the best tour for you. Note that as an individualized experience, YWG strives to limit groups to only those with a confirmed booking and caregivers/guardians. 

Please contact:

You can also call our Information Booth to sign up for the program:
Phone: 204.987.9402.



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