Sponsorship & Donation

Sponsorship & Donation

WAA recognizes community sponsorship, either monetary or in-kind, as a valuable conduit between the airport and the community, and we appreciate being considered as a sponsor for any event or organization. All sponsorship agreements entered into by WAA are to be consistent with our Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Objectives.

WAA’s priorities are to support:

  • Travel and Tourism WAA supports organizations such as Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba whose mandates are to promote travel and tourism to the region and/or encourage economic development.
  • Selected Charitable Organizations In an effort to maximize our sponsorship value, WAA concentrates its efforts on selected charitable organizations. Examples include Winnipeg Harvest and the United Way of Winnipeg.
  • Community Organizations WAA is proud to support many local arts and cultural organizations and partner with local professional sports teams to maximize awareness in the community. WAA takes special note of requests from businesses on the airport campus, including the military.


All requests for sponsorship will be directed to Tyler MacAfee, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs (TMacAfee@waa.ca). 

Requests for sponsorship should be submitted as early as possible as resources may not be available due to other sponsorship commitments. Requests must also be submitted annually as ongoing support should not be assumed. If several requests are made by one organization, preference will be given to the first request received.

Although most requests are indeed worthy of sponsorship, WAA can only support a small percentage of the total number of requests received.

Evaluation Criteria

Sponsorship applications are assessed by WAA according to the following criteria:

  • Availability of funds or in-kind materials
  • Proposed benefits to the community
  • Relationship between level of sponsorship sought and proposed benefit to WAA
  • Community visibility

Generally, WAA will not provide sponsorship for:

  • Social evenings in support of weddings
  • Recreational sports teams
  • Personal fundraisers
  • School fundraisers
  • Animal health
  • Hospitals
  • Social clubs

Mutual Benefits

WAA supports its employees in community stewardship through volunteering and encourages their participation in community events. WAA may partner with airport tenants to support the airport sponsorship program and will encourage tenant participation in the community.

Where possible, WAA should be provided with tickets, admission or other promotional products as part of the sponsorship value to WAA.