Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

Prior to Manitoba having any confirmed cases of COVID-19, Winnipeg Airports Authority had been closely monitoring the situation and refining its contingency plans based on information being shared early on from three key public health resources. These platforms continue to provide timely, accurate and helpful updates to support all Manitobans during this evolving situation. The measures we implement at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport are based on the strategic direction and advice of these public health authorities in accordance with government regulations. Please see resources below:

Province of Manitoba
This local resource provides up-to-date information for Manitobans in relation to COVID-19 including news conferences, status updates, a self-assessment screening tool, helpful fact sheets and much more.

Government of Canada
This national resource provides insight into the current status of COVID-19 in our country and continues to guide our practices, protocols and procedures each step of the way. The Government of Canada, and Public Health Agency of Canada, also shares Canada’s response to the pandemic including travel advisories, border restrictions and much more.

World Health Organization (WHO)
This global resource provides a comprehensive understanding of how COVID-19 is impacting countries around the world as well as the current status of each nation. This is a leading platform for technical guidance for countries, research development, myth busters and much more.

Please also see additional resources outlined below:

Canada Border Services Agency
Transport Canada: COVID-19 Updates