Environment Policy

Environment Policy

WAA recognizes environmental management as among its highest corporate priorities and a key determinate of sustainable development. WAA is committed to maintaining appropriate corporate mechanisms to ensure sound environmental management of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

  • Integrated Management WAA will integrate environmental stewardship into its business practices, establishing the necessary policies, programs, and practices to conduct operations in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Compliance WAA will commit to compliance with applicable Federal and relevant Provincial and Municipal laws, regulations, and agreements.
  • Continuous Improvement WAA will continue to improve its environmental management system and performance through regular reviews and updates.
  • Conservation and Pollution Prevention WAA will strive to develop and promote its services in ways that conserve energy and natural resources, and promote initiatives to avoid, reduce and control pollution.
  • Openness WAA will foster openness and dialogue with employees and the public, anticipating and responding to their concerns about environmental issues.

To achieve this policy, WAA adopts the following practices:

  • Environmental Management System WAA will maintain an environmental management system that is consistent with its Environmental Policy.
  • Education and Promotion WAA will promote awareness and encourage the use of environmentally responsible practices among WAA employees and Airport operators, tenants, suppliers and contractors and their employees.
  • Prior Assessment WAA will assess environmental impacts before starting any substantive new project or activity, and before decommissioning a facility.
  • Emergency Preparedness WAA will maintain plans and procedures to deal with environmental emergencies to ensure timely and effective corrective actions in the event of an accident.
  • Audits WAA will conduct periodic environmental audits of Airport facilities and operations, including tenant activities where practicable.
  • Reporting WAA Board of Directors will receive reports from WAA’s management on environmental compliance and performance, and will be apprised of significant environmental issues affecting WAA.

Environment Policy for operations at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport