WAA has embraced the principles of sustainability, where our everyday business decisions and processes aim to be planet-conscious and socially responsible. Simply put, sustainability for WAA is about doing the right thing for their company, the environment and the community they serve.

LEED Silver Certification

The Winnipeg Richardson International Airport Terminal Building achieved LEED Silver in early 2015. The building was designed as a series of transparent luminous pavilions to take advantage of Manitoba’s prairie landscape and sky.

Many sustainable strategies were incorporated into the design to reduce the terminal’s environmental impact, including a high-performance building envelope, displacement ventilation, radiant floor system, heat recovery systems, high-efficiency lighting and mechanical systems.

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Fair Trade Workplace

Winnipeg Airports Authority has been recognized with the Fair Trade Workplace Designation. Awarded by Fairtrade Canada, this is only the second such recognition for a corporation in Canada.

The Fair Trade Workplace Program recognizes offices that demonstrate strong commitment to fair trade by making products available to their staff and visitors. The workplace designation encourages co-workers to be mindful of the true value of labour and the human costs of production. As part of the program WAA provides its employees access to fair trade products in their lunchrooms, and continues to look for additional opportunities to include Fair Trade options in its purchasing processes.

Avoid, Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

A comprehensive waste management program was established to divert several types of materials from the landfill, including but not limited to: paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum, tin, plastics, electronic waste, writing instruments, old supplies and furnishings, construction and demolition waste, and batteries.

In 2011, WAA partnered with the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) on the Recycle Everywhere Program. The goal of our partnership is to increase the amount of beverage containers recycled from a variety of places within the airport including lobbies, cafeterias, common areas, departures and arrivals areas, and all other public spaces. 

In 2012, WAA began to participate in the Call 2 Recycle program, aimed at recycling batteries and cell phones. After collection, the metals comprising the batteries are reused and cell phones are recycled, refurbished or resold.