Fire Department

Fire Department

Winnipeg Airports Authority’s Fire Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. With over 3.5 million passengers coming through Winnipeg Richardson International Airport each year, coupled with the large volumes of cargo both arriving and departing around the clock, our firefighters are ready to handle any emergency that may occur.

The airport’s Fire Department is comprised of 12 firefighters and 4 fire captains. Our 16 members are divided into four platoons or “crews.” Each crew consists of three firefighters and one fire captain who will be on duty at any given time.

Each member of the Fire Department is certified with NFPA 1002 Level 2 firefighting, and training and certification in Incident Command. Our firefighters also have medical certification ranging from emergency medical responder (EMR) up to primary care paramedic (PCP).

The airport's Fire Department is equipped with three ARFF apparatus, all made by the OSHKOSH company in Wisconsin. These trucks are specially designed for aircraft firefighting applications and as such they carry three different firefighting agents; foam, water and an extinguishing powder called “purple K”. The vehicles carry the designation “Red 1”, “Red 2” & “Red 3” and can pump water at a rate of 1250 gallons per minute. That’s enough water to fill a standard size bath tub in 2.4 seconds!

The trucks carry all the necessary tools to fight both structural fires and aircraft fires. Our Fire Department is also highly trained and ready handle special rescue operations, and as such, the trucks are equipped with various rescue tools including the Jaws of Life.

Winnipeg Airports Authority’s Fire Hall is located directly on the airfield, ensuring our firefighters can respond to any incident in less than three minutes as outlined by Transport Canada requirements.