YWG Clean Program

YWG Clean Program

We are committed to enhancing our cleaning practices and exceeding all public health guidelines to provide a safe and clean environment for all.

The YWG Clean Program is our ongoing commitment to help keep the community we serve safe by enhancing our cleaning routines, including technology and techniques, to meet the highest standard. The program embodies actions taken to date, in response to COVID-19, as well as a number of ongoing and new initiatives. The YWG Clean Program is continually being expanded in collaboration with public health authorities to further instill traveller confidence and provide a safe atmosphere for travel.

It is important to us that all travellers’ feel safe using all services and facilities at YWG. Our cleaning teams are working diligently, combining manual techniques and leading technology, to achieve a new standard of cleanliness in all areas. 

Below are some examples of what we are doing every day at YWG to prioritize cleanliness and public health:

  • Washrooms are being cleaned hourly, including water bottle re-fill stations
  • An electrostatic sprayer is being used to disinfect touch surfaces, such as seating areas, multiple times daily
  • Enhanced cleaning icons are on display to showcase high priority cleaning locations, such as handrails, ATMs, kiosks, elevators, etc. 
  • Increased hand-sanitizer stations are always being replenished in convenient locations
  • Air filtration is set to the highest standard to match that of a hospital setting inside the terminal
  • All cleaning solutions have been reviewed to achieve the greatest result and exceed health standards
  • Minimizing touch encounters wherever possible across the airport campus, such as increasing the tap limit when paying for parking
  • Sourcing new technology to further sanitize high-touch areas, such as installing a built-in handrail sterilizer on the main escalator leading into the Arrivals Hall and a touchless system that allows users to operate the main terminal elevator from a smartphone
  • Disinfecting all common use areas outside of the terminal, such as parking equipment and pay stations

As we continue to implement new measures to provide a healthy airport, physical distancing, face coverings and hand hygiene are also key contributors to protecting all travellers, visitors and staff at the airport.