YWG Pass Office

YWG Pass Office

If you have questions concerning the time it is taking to process your Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) pass application, please contact the Security Screening Program at Transport Canada:

Phone: 613-990-5532
Fax: 613-990-2848

For all other inquiries, please see below.

YWG Pass Office

0800-1700 M-F, except holidays
Room 1162, Arrivals Level 1,
Air Terminal Building 

Click the links below to complete documents that you may require as an employee at YWG. Bring the form to your Company Signing Authority and have them sign it. Then, bring the completed form to the YWG Pass Office.

*NEW! Beginning November 1st, the Application for Transportation Security Clearance must be completed electronically via this online link

New Hire? What is a RAIC & TSC? How do I complete a CASAP test?  Using a Temporary Pass?

Services by Appointment

  • Transportation Security Clearance (TSC)
  • Restricted Area Identity Cards (RAIC)
  • Canada Pass
  • Renewal of an expiring RAIC or AVOP
  • AVOP Written test
  • AVOP Drive test

Walk-up Services

  • Visitor Passes
  • Key-Keycard-Door Application document drop-off
  • Change of Employer document drop-off
  • Multi-Employer document drop-off
  • AVRP document drop-off

Customer Feedback

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